North East Imaging Price List

At North East Imaging, we offer a wide range of scan services. See our price list below for a full list of what we offer.

Ultrasound Scan Price List
Ultrasound liver, abdomen and elastography€200
Ultrasound abdomen, pelvis and transvaginal pelvic scan€200
Ultrasound abdomen€160
Ultrasound pelvis (Transabdominal)€160
Ultrasound pelvis (Transvaginal)€180
Ultrasound abdomen and pelvis€180
Ultrasound thyroid gland / neck€160
Ultrasound scrotum €160
Ultrasound of soft tissue (lumps and bumps) €160
Ultrasound of muscles / joints (MSK)€160
Paediatric ultrasound (one body part)€150
Paediatric ultrasound (two body parts)€170
25% discount for medical card holders
IVF Monitoring Scans
First scan€180
Subsequent scans in the same cycle€100
Follow-up scan€100
  • Pay by cash, cheque, credit card, laser card.
  • Please note that health insurers will not cover these expenses directly. However, depending on your insurance plan you may be able to reclaim some or all of the cost at the end of the year, if your total medical bills are over a certain excess.